Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We are Not all Perfect

This is a cow my mom drove by everyday and she just loved her and named her Bessy, so we stopped by and took a picture while her and her friends posed for us. Can you tell what is a little different about Bessy?
(maybe it should have been Chuck?)
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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The "happy" Tomato

I just thought this tomato I found in our garden was funny. So I took some pictures of it. I hope you get a good laugh.
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Taking Better Pictures

I just came across this site that gives wonderful inexpensive way to make a light box for better pictures. We made one out of tissue paper and a cardboard box which did work out very well but it is not holding up as well as I would like so I am going to try what this article suggested and see how it works.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A New Treasure

I found this ordinary briefcase at a thrift store and decided that I could use it for display purposes. I had seen someone (I wish I could remember who so I could give credit) use a suitcase to display their cards and I thought it was a wonderful idea. I transformed it with this wonderful fairy land paper featuring islands, castle and pirate maps. I used my favorite glue "Super 77" to get all the paper to stick and I used all the scraps to fill up the inside. It only took about 2 hours to decide on the layout and to apply all the layers. I also used chalk to age the torn edges. I think it will work perfectly for what I have in mind and also be a great conversation piece.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Burn Baby, Burn!

I tired a new technique today and I love the way it turned out. I got a wood burner for Christmas and I haven’t really used it much. Today I was getting some new images I really like to reproduce for greeting cards. The pictures are all old romantic pictures of couples so when I went to go put them together a light bulb popped on in my head that I should try out the wood burner on the paper to give it that aged look. Then I thought burning and paper might not be such a good idea so I grabbed a bottle of water and put it next to me before I started. Needless to say after a few attempts and some different angles I finally got the look I was going for and it is on this Romeo and Juliet card to the right. It gave the card wonderful texture, a new scent and a very authentic aged look.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Car is Labeled

We got this wonderful decal from and got our car labeled. I am so excited and it makes it feel so much more real. We added the website next to our "Girl Power" sticker that we have been sporting for about 7 years. The cost for the decal was great and it came super fast. I will definitely go back and purchase more when I need them. It was also very easy to put on and now I feel like we have just a little bit more exposure. Posted by Picasa