Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Underwear Man and his assistant Teddy Bear Underwear

Let me start with “kids do the darndest things”. My son was especially energetic tonight at bedtime and as I was listening to him giggle I hear him say “Underwear Man”. Which of course immediately caught my attention? I crept up to peek in the room and saw him standing at the bottom of his brothers bed, posed like a super hero with underwear on his head, underwear on each arm and actually wearing underwear (he refused to wear them any other time and mostly the underwear in the drawer is just for looks). He is 6 years old and just goes to prove that anything can make a superhero. He thought he was so funny. I told him to get to bed and leave his brother along. He asked if he could sleep in his costume and I said yes. Next thing you know he is hollering for me. I go in the room and he introduces me to his new assistant. Teddy Bear Underwear. Who is of course decked out in his own whitey tighties? I got a good laugh from that and now the superhero’s in underwear are fast asleep.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

If I carried a FLASK, it would be this one.

I was checking out the newer shops on Etsy and came across this gorgeous tooled leather flask available at www.OpheliaBlue.etsy.com . There is also a journal available with the same motif. It is really just stunning.
I could just imagine pulling this puppy out of my inside jacket pocket and taking a sip. I just know everyone would want to know where I got it from. Wouldn't this make a great guy gift for the upcoming holidays?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Check out what I Found!

I found these wonderful Parrot Pirate wipes at http://www.cheylocreations.etsy.com/ They are cute, fun and practical. You can use them over and over again on your baby and they are so good for our environment. She says they are super soft and you get 5 of them for only $6.00. You really can't beat the price and there are lots of designs to choose from. Please stop by and check out her shop.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Squirrel was in my STORE!

Yesterday when I was opening my family consignment store I got quite the surprise. In fact, I think my heart tried to jump out of my chest. I was rounding the corner to go into my back room to put something away and a squirrel jumped out of one of my racks. I froze, or maybe jumped I could have even screamed but I am not sure. I wanted to run and it certainly did, actually it seemed to fly. I didn’t run because I wanted to see where it was going so that I didn’t get surprised again. So inside my head was bonking back and forth STAY, RUN, STAY, and RUN
Of course my practical side stood its ground so that I could see where the little bugger decided to land. It almost seemed like he could fly. He went from rack to rack to wall and then to the window. He was hanging onto the trim and just scratching at the window with one hand. The whole thing reminded me of Hammy for the movie OVER THE HEDGE
I decided the smart thing for me to do was to find a way out for him. I opened my back door and he didn’t seem inclined to leave that way. He didn’t seem to want to move away from the window at all. I know they are small furry creatures that actually look quite cute but when they are jumping all over your store they seem more like rapid little rodents. To continue, I decided I would try to slide the window open so I ventured away quite quickly to get the broom and when I came back he was still there. I slowly moved the pole towards him and the window and he went jumping back the other way. Which of course made me want to jump and run? I didn’t, I just slowly slide the window opened and circle wide around him to encourage him to go back towards the window. He got the idea and went flying towards the open window and missed. Smacked straight into the glass and then fell to the ground, jumped back up and decided on a different route. He tried again and just barely made it by two claws. So he is hanging there holding on with all his might and trying to climb the glass with his hind legs just pumping away. By this point I am cheering him on “Come On little fellow you can do it” (I was still gripping the broom just in case he changed routes) and HE DID finally make it out the window which I promptly shut along with the back door.
I spent the rest of the day on edge and peering around all the corners. I was especially loud and noisy too. I am sure he was as scared as I was but I hope to never see him again. I am not sure how he got in but I do leave my doors open all the time. I am thinking that maybe I locked him in for the night. I also thing I will leave all my doors closed for awhile.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Socktopus has been Recycled!!!!

This is too cute. Recycled Wool Sweater Plush Octopus that is really a Socktopus. This delightful creation can be found at http://www.blackbirdfashion.etsy.com/ There are a great many different creatures to be found in all kinds of wonderful colors. These are sure to put a smile on any ones face from a newborn to a grand mama.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Your Little One Can Pretend to be A Chef

Sometimes you come across a great product and you just think "How Cute" This was my first thought when I found this darling Little Chef Pretend Play Set at http://www.littlepeanutshop.etsy.com/ How perfect would it be for that little helper in your life. It comes with an Apron, Pots Holders and a tiny table linens set. I can just imagine the fun you would have making treats to go with your afternoon tea. The design of this set is so cheery and colorful. If you are into pretend then you will also love the monster tail available. It just made me smile. All creations at LittlePeanutShop are done by a stay at home mom who manages to create in her spare time "nap time" Please stop by and shop.

Monday, September 8, 2008


This Clay version of Edvard Munch's Famous "the scream" can be found at HAPPYMONKEYART on Etsy. He stands about 3" tall and is a great reminder that things could be worse. The people behind Happy Monkey Art are two best friends who love creative art and it shows. Please swing by their shop and check out all the wonderful items they have to offer.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I have been sent to JAIL to help raise money!

I have been sent to JAIL to help raise money for Jerry's Kids.

Somebody who is in the "witness protection plan" has turned me in to "Jail" I got the call earlier this week and they are sending over the paddy wagon to pick me up and "arrest" me.

I have never been part of a fund raising challenge but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get started. I have always wanted to help and this is such a great cause. The "bail" I raise will help send two kids to MDA camp.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is a voluntary health agency working to defeat 43 neuromuscular diseases that affect a million Americans. MDA is making landmark achievements in research for cures and treatments of these devastating neuromuscular diseases. These lifelines of help and hope are only possible with support like yours. Nearly all funding come from private donors. If you would like to help please check out the web page I have set up. Any amount helps.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for your generous donation in helping me reach my "BAIL"