Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Value of your Greatest Supporters

I have great cheerleaders. I have wonderful support of my mom, husband, kids, brothers and friends. They seem to like everything I create. They are always pushing me to continue with whatever my newest work is. I don’t know what I would do without them. I really couldn’t imagine accomplishing so much by myself. It feels so good to have compliments and encouragement. I wish I could give them all little trophies that said thanks for being my cheerleader. I truly hope everyone had there own private cheerleading squad. If I had my choice I would have mine meet once a week and they could wear blue and green cheerleading outfits and they all would have there own pom poms. Maybe they could even come up with a little cheer I could play when I needed a little perk me up


kim* said...

i have lil mice that creep out and whisper to me... yay for cheerleaders~ of every kind!

BR said...

Do you consider Uncles chopped liver? -g-

GwynnsGifts said...

And Uncle's are a very important part of my cheerleading team. Especially when they wear their cheerleading outfits. GO TEAM GO