Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Matching Sweater Maddness

I confess, this year I bought my 6 and 8 year old matching sweaters. I have never done this before but I just couldn't resist when I found one of each of their sizes. I think children dressed up a like is adorable but my boys have never fallen into that category because they have very distinct different taste in clothes. In fact they both have had a strong opinion about what they want to wear since they were able to communicate. My youngest has always liked to dress like a skater or a grunge rocker. He does not own a sweater (until this Christmas). My oldest has a thing for collared shirts and he loves sweaters. He is very skinny and tall so he is always cold so the sweaters are just right. He always looks like he is ready to go get the family pictures done. He loved the new sweater I picked.
So when it came time to go visit the grandparnets I asked both boys to put on their sweaters. Mason didn't mind but when Cody had to put his on there was a bit of eye rolling and moaning going on. It was pretty funny. I made him a deal and said he only had to wear it long enough for me to take some pictures and then he could take it off. This picture is one of the cute ones I got. Cody asked his big brother to hop on for a piggy back ride. I think this will be the one and only set of pictures with matching sweaters but I LOVE IT. And.... Cody never did take his sweater off and wore it all day when we were visiting family untll bedtime. Perhaps there is a least one more matching sweater picture in my future


Debra said...

Are you sure they aren't twins??? They really do look alike!!

Great picture of them in their sweathers.

GwynnsGifts said...

Since about the time Cody was 1 people have been thinking him and his older brother are twins. Cody was and still is big for his age. But I am pretty sure the 22 months between births disqualifies them as twins. The funny part is that I don't see it at all. I don't think they look alike. It probably is a Mom thing. Happy New Year

SecretMe said...

wow, they are like identical, and its not just the sweaters! great job BTW getting them to wear them! have a great new year!