Saturday, February 7, 2009

Easy to Make Valentines for School Kids

We got the LIST for school of all the kids we needed Valentines for and it came to 47 children between both of my kids classes. I always enjoy having the kids make their own Valentines but I try to make it very simple because they tend to get tired of writing every ones name and their own. So this year we created candy bar wrappers that they addressed and signed. It was really quite easy. All you need is:

Hersey's Snack Size Candy Bars
Blank Paper of any color
Any program that lets you design business cards
I have Print Artist and that works really well

I created business cards with the writing vertical instead of the traditional horizontal. I added the To: and From: and also Happy Valentines Day

Then the kids filled in all of the names and we cut them out. Next we took our "wrapper" and wrapped it around the candy bar and secured it with tape.

We ended up with the Happy Valentine's on one side and the To and From on the other. It was really easy and inexpensive. I thought it might also be fun to secure it with heart stickers or to use bright red or pink paper. I also think it would work with other snack size flat candy bar but I personally love just straight chocolate.

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Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

Great idea, we'll have to try that here!