Monday, April 6, 2009

Funny Comic Strip Created by my 8 year old Son

I am so proud of my son and his creative talent. Just about a month ago he started created his own cartoon called Joe and Skratch. He has been coming up with all the ideas himself and then drawing all the comic strips. Sometimes he does a few at night and sometimes he does just one. Some of them are very funny to me and some of them are very funny to his 6 year old brother. I told him maybe I just don't get some of the kid jokes (i usually get an eye roll for this). I also don't usually laugh hysterically when someone says poop and both of my boys do. They have a great sense of humor.

We have since taken the time to edit and turn some of the comic strips into videos on Youtube so we can share them with everyone. He has gotten great feedback and is so happy when people comment on his videos. He narrates them all and it is really funny. This last one had great sound effects. I also thought it was really funny. I just really wanted to take the time to brag about him. As a parent its really cool to see your child push themselves to become better and more creative. So if you have the time please watch the video and leave a comment if you like it. Thanks so much


kellyssima said...

that is so cute! he's really talented!

Huayruro said...

It's such a great idea

GwynnsGifts said...

Thank you so much for the comments. He was so happy to get them.