Friday, March 11, 2011

How Paintings became our Dreams A myth by 10 year old Mason

My son created this story for a class assignment on myths.  He is 10 years old and I just love it.  He got the idea a couple of weeks ago and after many revisions and hand cramping this story emerged.n (this is exacty how he typed it up himself)

A myth by Mason Saulsbury

Long, long, long ago……… Where the forest ends and a small beach begins, there is a village.
And in that small village there was a family. Not a big one, but you couldn’t say it was a small one, either. A boy, a mom, a dad, and a wool dog made up the family. One day, Little Tracker, the boy, set out to get some firewood, but noticed that all the wood was gone. They had used it all last night. So he kissed his mom goodbye, and set out to get some fire wood with his dog.
Little Tracker aimed towards the heart of the forest, as there were oaks that were strong, fine, and tall, but not to big. As he walked, he noticed that the forest was full of life, with birds chirping and tree’s rustling and waving in the dancing wind. His dog seemed to like it until
he stopped suddenly, then started barking at a patch of ferns. Curious, Little Tracker looked behind the rustling fern.
Bragh! a thief popped out from behind the fern! Little Tracker, frightened, ran. He ran, and ran, and ran, as the thief chased after him. His dog barking, a thief on his
heals, and just the path ahead of him, he got a boost of strength. He stopped suddenly, and
The thief was so surprised, that he tripped and was sent flying into a pile of bushes
Little Tracker had now realized how far he had ran, and did not recognize this part of the woods. He looked up at the sky and realized how late it was, and how his mother might be scared to death. He decided not to wait for help but to walk around and hope to find an exit.  He walked with his dog for what seemed like forever, until he saw a golden light emitting from a small path. His dog started barking, and he looked around the corner. There was a man in a golden robe with a mustache that drooped and a small crown atop his head. And he was painting a beautiful picture, but the picture had no color. He and his dog slowly crept towards the man.

Then the man turned his head and said “ Hello little boy. Are you lost?” Little Tracker nodded then said yes. Then the man painted a door and let Little Tracker and his dog through. And then

POOF! He was home again!
The next morning he asked his mom to make him some paint. It took some work,
But she made some paint for him. Then, he set out into the woods and followed the path he had taken the night before, and before he knew it, he had found
The painter! Then he gave him the paint and he smiled and said “Thank you.
As a thank you, I will let you see my paintings every night when you are asleep.”
And every night Little Tracker went to sleep and saw the man’s beautiful paintings.
And soon it spread, and spread, and spread until everybody in the world saw his paintings
At night when they went to sleep, so that is why we have dreams.


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Linda said...

I love this story Mason, you did a very good job. You are one talented young man.