Monday, June 4, 2007

I recently was in the mood to paint and I really wanted something that would make me smile. I took the big plunge and painted straight on canvas (which I never do). The picture took a life of its own and ended up so much better then what I had in my head. It is inpired by a painting my son did with crayola watercolors and a black pen so he was giving me instructions on his technique (you got to love directions for a 6 year old) and this is what happened. My picture is the one on the right and his is the one on the top. My orignal picture has much brighter and bolder colors then this scanned version. I just love it when something turns out well.


Linda said...

I love your painting and Masons. I know we have opened a new store and it will be a great deal of fun. I am very excited about selling supplies. I know this will work. Lets hear the hoorahs from everyone. You go girl.

Krisha said...

Hey! Love the paintings!! Mason's is new desktop background. Don't mind me, just snooping ;)