Thursday, June 7, 2007

The World of Mini Things

I am so excited about a new project we are going to do for ourselves. We are going to try and build a small scale castle in our backyard out of little cement bricks and cylinders that we are creating. We thought it would be really great to build a moat and hook it up to a pump and do a whole little village inside the castle with people and such and most of my family wants to help.

We are also going to create small scale living room scenes at Christmas time. My grandmother used to have one that got brought out every Christmas and you could spend forever looking at all the details that went in to. It was like a lantern size box with plexi glass in the front. We are going to use these wonderful wallpaper samples we got to do the walls and we got fabric to do the furniture. I think it will be time consuming but a lot of fun. I will post some pictures of everything when we get started.


glassdiane said...

Hi, First of all thanks for a nod to my shop, glassdiane! Second, I love mini things. I used to go to all the shows. My Dad built 2 large dollhouses, first for me, and then for my daughter. Dad (passed in 2005) and I both have OCD, it is an advantage when building mini things. I have all the wallpaper, light fixtures, etc. but I know once I start decorating I won't stop!Good Luck & Would be happy to share tips! D

chef jess said...

What a cool idea!

If you need any tiny food to help fill your castle- let us know. :)