Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blog Love.... Oh' how I enjoy it!

I really really enjoying blogging. I also really enjoy clicking along reading everyone’s blog. I am always amazed about the great information I come across, the wonderful stories people write and the great finds people share.
I love getting little glimpses of people’s lives. I feel so often that I have come across a kindred soul and that without the wonderful world of the Internet I wouldn't be able to stumble upon such great characters.
If time allowed it and I didn't have so many other commitments I think I could spend my days dashing from blog to blog reading all kinds of things and leaving wonderful comments. Where else can you share your thoughts so easily with the entire world? It is just amazing.


Kylie B said...

I too love Blogging, it is a wonderful way to learn and be inspired by.
Keep it up :)

Jen Hintz said...

I'm trying to be more disciplined about blogging...updating regularly, talking about things that might actually be interesting to the rest of the's tough, but fun at the same time. =)