Monday, August 4, 2008

She had a Glamorous Night of Fund Raising at the Museum

This young lady got all dressed up in her finest to help raise money for her favorite Museum. Champagne, smiles and a little flirting is how her evening went.

She looked especially wonderful with her rhinestone belt and tiara. The fabulous dress was complimented by the beautiful blue pearl and sterling silver earrings.

The is the newest in our handmade signature boutique series. Each lady has a custom designed gown we make that is complimented by recycled jewelry. She is then mounted on wallpaper and joined by a stunning pair of pearl, Swarovski crystal and sterling silver earrings. Each piece is one of a kind work of art.

This will soon be available in our shop at along with more beautiful earring and greeting cards. A card and gift all in one.


Annette said...

Absolutely stunning and truely a unique card. Can't wait to see more!!

Christopher And Tia said...

what a pretty way to display earrings.

RainbowMom said...

I love it!