Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Gift from Grandpa

Today as I am gathering my stuff to leave the house my eyes caress the familiar photos of my family and I miss my dad and my grandparents so much. We have their pictures all over our homes because I wish for my boys to know them. Perhaps they wont remember there presence but I hope the stories I tell will stick in their mind about these great people that came before them and helped shape the person they call Mom.
Both of my grandparents and my father passed within 2 years of each other. This was the first time in my life that death had taken someone so close to me. I was at the hospital when my grandfather took his last breath surrounded by his wife, daughters and grandchildren. I was an incredibly moving beautiful moment. He had lived a long and happy life. He had been married to my grandmother for 63 years and his time here was done and we all knew it. For as sad as it was it was also a huge relief to know that he had finished with the body that was causing him so much pain.
My grandmother lasted almost a year without him. She was beautiful and brave and when she decided she was done here on earth we brought her home to spend the last days with us. This was another sad time but I was so happy she could stay with us in our home were she was surrounded by the people she loved.
Just moments after my grandmother took her last breath our home phone rang. It was her pastor calling. She said she had just gotten our number on her pager and she called right away. We told her that grandmother had just passed on but no one in the house had paged her yet. There hadn't been time to do anything yet. It was very strange moment and we all decided it must have been grandpa watching over us and helping out. To this day there is still no reasonable explanation so why be reasonable.

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Karla W. said...

Some stories give me goosebumps, this one definately did. I'm sorry you lost so many special people in such a short period of time.