Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Surprise Packages are so much FUN!

My mom and I recently decided that we would randomly send each other gifts from online each month. We put a cap of $20 on it and try to buy something handmade. We did this because we love to get stuff in the mail and its so much fun to get something good, especially from other people. Who can resist a good surprise? So the first time I sent my mom this wonderful sample tin of homemade teas that I got from http://www.teaman.etsy.com/ and they are so good. My favorite so far is strawberry tea.

So to my delight I got a surprise package in the mail yesterday and it had this wonderful natural spray lotion and handmade soap. So far I have tried out the spray lotion and I love it. It is very light and smell delicious. The scent is Summer Green. My mom purchased it at http://www.plunksoap.etsy.com/

I can't wait to find her next great gift.

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