Thursday, August 13, 2009

Super Hero Family Challenge

I have challenged everyone in my family to create their own Super Hero. This is my contribution. Sunday is the deadline and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with

Magnificent Mom
The every day Super Hero

Super Powers

X-Ray Vision so she can see through walls at what’s happening in another room

Super Sonic Hearing so she can hear when someone is getting into something they are not supposed to.

Rear Vision so she can see everything that is happening behind her especially people trying to sneak by

Healing Lips allow her to kiss any boo boo and make it better

Heated Embrace allows her to hug anyone and make them feel especially warm and happy


Retractable Super Strength String shuts out from her handy rubber gloves and can wrap around anything

Scissors are always carried in her apron and come in handy when she needs to cut loose

Super Glue is on her belt for those situations when things need to get sticky or when your favorite toy breaks

Magic Eraser speaks for itself

Feather Duster for sweeping dust right into the evil criminal face so that they are temporarily blinded. Also leaves the location with a little more sparkles

Band Aids for all those little bumps and bruises that seem to arise.

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