Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Miracle Cure for Siblings Fighting

I have currently found the miracle cure for sibling fighting in the car and at bedtime. Books on tape or CD…
I know, way too easy. That is what I thought but the minute I pop in a story the kids are to busy listening to fight. It is amazing and wonderful. We are at least a ½ hour drive from anywhere so every time we would get in the car the boys would decide it was time to DRIVE MOM CRAZY and it was working. I think I was only a drive or two away from being committed. Committed to what? I am not sure but committed all the same and then inspiration struck while we were at our public library one day. There was a book propped on the shelf with a cassette tape stuck to the front of it and a bright light shining down from the heaven on it (or possibly an overhead track light). I picked it up gently, read the title and turned to my youngest with hope and excitement
“How would you like to listen to Amelia Bedelia in the car today?”
“Sure mom sounds good”
Those simple words brought such joy to my heart. He was willing to listen. There was a chance and it was free. It is pretty huge that my source of entertainment is free because when ever I ask the kids what they want to do, they don’t say things like:

Read a book
Go for a walk
Play at the park
Clean my room (as if)

They say things like…..

Go to the waterslides
Visit Chuck E Cheese
Go Shopping
Buy a new video game

We only borrowed one book on tape that day and it was wonderful. It only lasted for the trip into town but it worked all the same. They were quiet and peaceful. Now I borrow much longer books so the kids are always excited to go for a ride and barely want to get out of the car when we arrive anywhere. We have a CD player in their room so now they listen to all kinds of stories as they fall asleep. Unless it’s a really great story and then I am pretty sure it keeps them up but they are happy all the same. They have been listening to this book on CD called “The Manny Files” for almost three weeks and they can’t stop laughing. CD number 5 is their favorite and they just giggle and giggle. I laughed pretty hard when I was listening too. So if a good story makes you happy and you have a local library then peace in quiet is only a library card away.

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