Monday, July 28, 2008

Party Bright Recycled Credit Card Bracelet adds some WOW!

This very colorful bracelet is made from recycled pieces of credit cards, gift cards, a hotel key cards. Talk about going green with your green. You can find it and other fabulous finds a . The creator of this delightful piece has been beading for a couple of years and prides herself on wonderful craftsmanship. Please take the time to cruise through this shop and find your own Prized Possessions .


kim* said...

That is very different. It really is fun upcycling.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Good Work !
That's an awesome use for each credit card as you pay it off; and as well the expired ones.

I think I'm going to post the tutorial on the one I did a few years ago.

they're very popular around tax and christmas time. we're happily never able keep them in stock.

this is a true "Loss Leader"


Terri said...

Wow what a great necklace!

Angelika said...

That's cute & original! :0(

Craft Junkie said...

What a super cute and very "green" way to use those old, cards. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Neil said...

This one is the great idea to recycled pieces of credit cards, gift cards, a hotel key cards into the colorful bracelet. Thanks for sharing this.
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