Friday, July 25, 2008

Why Was the Chair There?

For some reason there is a plastic lawn chair hanging on our fence about 4ft off the ground
And to our surprise a mama bird decided it was a great location for her nest
Here are her babies

I believe this is her or maybe it was Dad. They were quite vocal in letting us know we shouldn't have found the nest.

The first thing I thought when we found the nest is "why was the chair there". I can only think it was hung there when we were weed eating the area and we needed it out of the way. Then I thought how come she decided to make the nest there. It is low to the ground and we play in that area all the time. It is quite the beautiful nest and I do suppose the chair seems quite sturdy compared to the trees. I haven't pointed it out to the boys because I don't want them to touch it but I am glad we found it because I totally would have just grabbed the chair and not think twice about whats in it. So, from now on I will always look in chairs hanging from strange places.

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Chris and Samantha said...

Thats adorable and sweet! And that nest is so very pretty. A weird place to build a nest though heh :)

myvoice said...

Oh oh oh! I love this story! I just posted a link to this in my blog. I love natures way of doing things like this...thank you for sharing it with us.

Juicy Jenn